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Dolní Lánov

Dolní Lánov
Dolní Lánov - kostel sv. Jakuba, fara Dolní Lánov - obecní úřad Dolní Lánov Dolní Lánov - hospoda Dřevěnka Dolní Lánov - dům č. 1 - bývalá kovárna Dolní Lánov - statek Dolní Lánov - znak obce na kostelu
Dolní Lánov 132, 543 41 Lánov
Phone: +420 499 522 216
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The village, located in the Malé Labe river valley, was founded in the 13th century. Kryštof of Gendorf, a former governor, was a great personality in the village’s history, making use of the natural wealth of the mountains and submontane regions and their forests. The Church of St James is the most important historical sight in the town. It was built as a three-nave Renaissance church which, together with the adjacent churchyard, is a valuable monument and a landmark. Another valuable building in the village is Kovárna - the blacksmith’s shop No. 1, now a technical monument.