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Dolní Kalná

Dolní Kalná
Dolní Kalná panorama Dolní Kalná Dolní Kalná léto
Dolní Kalná 178, 543 74 Dolní Kalná
Phone: +420 499 448 222
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The oldest records on Dolní Kalná date back to the 14th century. The village was divided into two parts, Horní Kalná and Dolní Kalná, for the first time in 1849 during the reign of Count Karel Rohan and for the second time in 1990. The most important historical sight in the village is the Church of St Wenceslas, in which the most valuable work of art, a wooden statue of Madonna from 1350, can be seen, together with two bells of different sizes dating back to 1522 and 1565 and an 18th century organ. Visitors can enjoy the sports and recreation facilities with a swimming pool, well-marked cycling tracks and, in winter, cross-country tracks. A tourist hike called the Night Ascent to Sněžka for Sunrise, and the Dolní Kalná village fete, have been held here for many years.