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Dolní Branná

Dolní Branná
Dolní Branná
Dolní Branná 256, 543 62 Dolní Branná
Phone: +420 499 421 385

The village was founded in the mid-13th century, with the first written records dating back to 1352. The first wooden church was built here in 1398 and destroyed during the Hussite wars in the 15th century. Count Jiří (George) of Valdštejn had a new stone church built in 1490, consecrated today to St. George. The main bell, made in 1499, is the second oldest in the Hradec Králové dioceses. The renowned Czech singer, composer, painter, comedian and lawyer Jiří Šlitr spent his childhood in Dolní Branná. His father, Josef Šlitr, was the headmaster of the local school and organised many children’s performances where the whole family participated. Dolní Branná is easy to access by train or by car. The Stará Paka - Trutnov railway line and the main road from Prague to Vrchlabí and Špindlerův Mlýn go through the village.