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Černý Důl

Černý Důl
Černý Důl Černý Důl Černý Důl 2
Černý Důl 48, 543 44 Černý Dul
Phone: +420 499 435 164

The town of Černý Důl lies along the Čistá brook valley at the foot of the Krkonoše mountains at an altitude of 684 m a.s.l. It was founded when ore mining began in the Krkonoše. The beginnings of ore mining around the Čistá brook valley date back to as early as 1383. The Purkhybl castle, formerly situated on a narrow rock spur above the confluence of the Čistá and Smrčina south of Černý Důl, was the centre of the local mining colonisation in the 14th century. Many traces of ore mining can still be found around Černý Důl, some of which can be seen on the forest paths of the První Hornická educational trail, the first in the Krkonoše, approx. 1 km in length.