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Bukovina u Čisté

Bukovina u Čisté
Bukovina u čisté
Bukovina u Čisté 19, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 595 483
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The village of Bukovina, formerly just a settlement, was founded in 1873 by Karel of Morzin. It is interesting for its many preserved timbered chalets set in a picturesque, today very rare, undisturbed setting of chalets and utility houses in the terrain, typical for submontane settlements. The natural landmarks around Bukovina are the high hills of the eastern ridge, namely Hůra, Stráž and Horka, which divide the area into one part adjacent to the Krkonoše massif and one part on the other side. The most beautiful views of the Krkonoše are from the highest parts of Bukovina and from Horka hill.