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Vrchlabi – Prostredni Lanov Inline Track

Vrchlabi – Prostredni Lanov Inline Track
In-line stezka Vrchlabí - Lánov In-line stezka Vrchlabí-Lánov 2 In-line stezka Vrchlabí - Lánov 3 In-line stezka Vrchlabí -Lánov - mapa
Prostřední Lánov čp. 39, 543 41 Lánov
Phone: +420 499 432 083

This connecting cycle trail between Vrchlabi and Prostredni Lanov starts some 100 m from the bus station in Vrchlabi and is frequently used by cyclists and inliners. The track has a new, slightly rough asphalt surface. Especially in spring time we recommend waiting until the municipality cleans the track of grit. It is an easy section; however, the downhill passage to Lanov can be difficult and the track ends half-way down the slope. Approximately 200 m from that, you can continue on a short track from the Lanovsky Dvur hotel to the end of Lanov toward Cista. Starting point: Lanovska St., near the bus station in Vrchlabi. Track length:2,5km