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Velke Svatonovice Inline Track

Velke Svatonovice Inline Track
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Velké Svatoňovice 68, 542 35 Velké Svatoňovice
Phone: (00420) 499 881 860

The track runs along local asphalt roads which are almost traffic-free, in a slightly undulating terrain. It starts at the Na Balkane refreshments stall in Velke Svatonovice and runs along the brook to the school along a new asphalt road, crosses the main road near the Klub restaurant in Velke Svatonovice, passes along the asphalt area in front of the old people’s home and a crossroads to try figures. Then it continues to the Podhaj fishpond, also called Batnak, where you can turn around before the hill and take the same track back to the “eared tree” where you can whisper your wishes, and turn left. Then you follow the track over a small hump, join the original track and return to Na Balkane past a pub. The asphalt is usually smooth and clean and traffic is light. The track slightly undulates and descends a bit towards the fishpond. Starting point: Velke Svatonovice, the Na Balkane refreshments stall. Track length:1,938km