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Litic u Dvora Kralove Inline Track

Litic u Dvora Kralove Inline Track
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náměstí T. G. Masaryka 2, 544 17 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Phone: (00420) 499 321 742
Web: http//

The village of Litic is 9 km south of Dvur Kralove nad Labem. Two formerly farm roads in the village were converted into new tracks suitable for inline skating. Track One runs through the village, around the church and the important new passage ends at the road between Nouzov and Lazne Velichovky. It is 1.6 km in length. Track Two runs directly around the farm and is 1 km long. For the connection between the roads, see More experienced skaters may also ride through the village between them, but attention must be paid when riding downhill and the nice local road along the other bank of the brook. We recommend both tracks especially for families with children. There is a small gradient, no traffic and they can count on a low number of users even on days when other tracks are crowded. This track will allow safe learning and peace of mind for parents. Starting point:Litič u Dvora Králové Track length:2,6km