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Inline Track in Trutnov

Inline Track in Trutnov
In-line stezka Trutnov In-line stezka Trutnov nábřeží In-line stezka Trutnov k autobusovému nádraží In-line stezka Trutnov mapka
Krakonošovo náměstí 72, 541 01 Trutnov
Phone: +420 499 803 111

This track runs from the centre of Trutnov, from the intersection of Revolucni St. near the Vesmir cinema, to Horni Stare Mesto (a quarter of Trutnov) to the ‘Na zelene louce’ area, along an asphalt cycle trail on the bank of the river Upa. The track is easy, not so wide, but suitable for cyclists and inliners and also divided for pedestrians. Starting point:Cinema Vesmír Track length:3,5km