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Benecko Inline Track

Benecko Inline Track
Benecko - stezka lesem Benecko - Rovinka stezka Občerstvení Rovinka Benecko - stezka - odpočinek brusle Benecko - mapa
Benecko 190, 512 37 Benecko
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This is a comfortable inline track through a forest which everyone will be able to manage. You can enjoy fresh air on your journey from the centre of Benecko and refreshments at the stall at the Rovinka junction. The track is suitable for beginners as well as advanced inliners. The track is a road on which cars holding a permit may drive and pedestrians may walk. Please be considerate when using this track. Starting point:Centrum Benecko-Apartman Bellevue Track length:2,7 km