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From Janske Lazne via Rudolfovo Valley to Hofmannovy Chalets

From Janske Lazne via Rudolfovo Valley to Hofmannovy Chalets
Hoffmanovy boudy Lanová dráha - Černohorský expres rozcestník Hendikepovaní na trase Hendikepovaní na trase
Krkonošská 8, 543 01 Vrchlabí
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This track begins in Janske Lazne, a pleasant spa town at the foot of Cerna hora mountain which offers sports and culture for the handicapped, too. The entire short track is ascending, but is easy to walk for both seniors and people with walking sticks. It is accessible for baby prams and electric wheelchairs, and people in mechanical wheelchairs will make it up the track if in good physical condition. The track begins in the car park at the lower station of the cable car line to Cerna hora Mountain, where the P3 lower car park is free for one-day visitors. The track length, counting both directions, is 7 km, with a relatively large rise of 200 m, which requires good physical condition. The track has no tourist marking and runs all the way along the asphalt road, ending at Hofmannovy chalets. From the car park below the cable car station, visitors must take a path to the centre of Janske Lazne and turn towards the Vesna children’s spa premises beyond the colonnade. The way through Rudolfovo valley is pleasant. It is certainly worth seeing the barrier-free centre of the spa town with its interesting colonnade, the infopanels for the Spa Educational Trail, and the historical tiled stove in Hofmannovy chalets. In Janske Lazne, tourists in wheelchairs can visit the barrier-free cinema or the indoor swimming pool. Upon agreement with the cable car operator, tourists in wheelchairs can undertake the trip to the top of Cerna hora Mountain and back. The track has the following alternative routes: 1) At the junction above Rudolfovo valley, you can turn left onto the asphalt road to the Zlata vyhlidka viewing tower (0.5 km one way). 2) From Hofmannovy chalets, you can continue along the asphalt road to Ludvikova chalet, Zinneckerova chalet and further to the top of Cerna hora Mountain (6.5 km one way). Note: This alternative is quite long and although the first kilometre is along an almost level surface, it is followed by a steep ascent with a rise totalling 570 m. To complete the whole track requires very good physical condition. The track is accessible with difficulty for electric wheelchairs, and you must expect to expend a lot of energy. We do not recommend this track to those in mechanical wheelchairs. 1. Hofmannova Chalet The chalet is located at the track's end and offers a barrier-free entrance to the building and restaurant (unfortunately, the toilets are not barrier-free). The building is also suitable for families with children and for seniors.