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Vizmburk Castle

Vizmburk Castle
Hrad Vízmburk
Krakonošovo náměstí 72, 541 01 Trutnov
Phone: +420 499 818 245
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Originally a Gothic castle, founded in the 13th century by nobleman Tas, who was later called “of Vizmburk”, or maybe even by his father, Petr of Skalice, owner of the stirrup coat-of-arms. Jiri of Duba was the owner of Vizmburk castle after the year 1420, a major representative of the Orphan nobility (radical Hussite followers) which brought him unwanted attention from his Silesian neighbours, who sought revenge for Hussite forays. The castle survived the Hussite revolution, but its surroundings were plundered several times by Silesian troops. The Silesians did considerable damage to the castle in the 15th century and it was filled with soil in several stages. Its value lies in the fact that except for the kitchen, it was never rebuilt.