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Silbersten Family Chateau

Silbersten Family Chateau
Zámek Silbersteinů
Rudník 6, 543 72 Rudník
Phone: (00420) 499 440 109
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The palace can be found by the road connecting Hostinne and Svoboda nad Upou. The palace stands at the foot of a slope which is covered in bushes and trees, and is surrounded by meadows where horses and ponies graze. It is easily accessible from the main road and a car park is available right in the palace courtyard. It now has a private owner and is used as a guesthouse. The Neo-Gothic chateau of the Silberstein family was built in 1815. Today the outer plasterwork has been restored and a memorial tablet was put up in 1999 to commemorate the stay of famous Czech writer Frantisek Ladislav Celakovsky in the chateau in 1921. The chateau is not open to the public.