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Palace – Horni Branna

Palace – Horni Branna
Zámek Zámek
Zámek 1, 512 36 Horní Branná
Phone: +420 481 584 178
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The palace in Horni Branna was founded by Zdenek of Valdstejn and completed by his wife, Marie of Martinice, in 1582. At that time the palace was an opulent building with two storeys, a turret on the roof ridge and rich decorations on the outer stone walls, which include inscriptions, verses, arabesques, figurines, sgraffiti and other features. The palace had its own chapel, 6 halls, 7 chamber rooms, 7 ground floor cellars and 6 underground cellars. A panelled ceiling used to cover three large halls on the 2nd floor. Inscriptions by the learned Master Jan of Vinor can be seen on the north-eastern side, together with the coats of arms of Zdenek of Valdstejn and Marie of Martinice, the governors of Stepanice and Horni Branna. During the Thirty Years’ War the palace became devastated and lost the 2nd storey which still hadn’t been completed. Conservation and restoration works on the inscriptions and decorations were carried out in 1868, 1908, 1960 and 1994. There were many owners before the palace became village property. It is used today as a representative place, also occupied by the village council offices, a small museum and two small businesses.