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Castle Kumburk Ruins – Nova Paka

Castle Kumburk Ruins – Nova Paka
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Stanislava Suchardy 70 , 50901 Nová Paka
Phone: (00420) 493 721 943
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The circumstances under which Castle Kumburk was founded are still somewhat obscure, but it was probably around the year 1300 by the Hronovic family members. The first written records on the castle date back to 1325. Over the course of the centuries the castle had many lords, but it was always used as the seat of the demesne owners until it became the property of Jan Rudolf Trcka in 1607, when such use ended, except for the well-known event when Zikmund Smiricky kept his daughter Eliska Katerina Smiricka prisoner at Kumburk in 1609-1620 because of her affair with a low-class man. She was liberated by her later husband, Oto of Vartemberg, who had seized the castle. During the Thirty Years’ War, Swedish troops occupied the castle as a strong point. After the war the castle was among those ordered to be demolished by Emperor Ferdinand III in 1658. The locals then added to the demolition of the castle remains by using castle stones in their own buildings. Yet in 1840 the owner, Ferdinand of Trautmannsdorf, tried to secure the devastated castle and had the torn-down bricks from the palace basement removed. Other attempts followed in 1939-1941 by the Club of Czech Tourists and resulted in a repaired main tower, cleaned cellars and repaired retaining wall of the castle’s central parts. The castle has been undergoing unceasing repair works thanks to the initiative of the ‘Association to Save Castle Kumburk’, and is a very popular tourist attraction. The castle top offers a full panoramic view far beyond the borders of the Czech Paradise and Eastern Bohemian Region.