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Kněžická chalupa

Kněžická chalupa
Koně Kněžice Kněžická chalupa
Kněžice 5, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 736 720 741
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You needn´t worry to ride our horses. Everybody can test the feeling of ride who didn´t try to ride till now. We have horses which have been chosen to suit beginners and experienced riders, too. It is not possible to learn riding during a week or two weeks we only show you how and what you should do if you want to learn it really. We ride in the nearest surrounding and also to the Giant Mountains National Park, on its border our chalet is situated. Children like to ride pony. Everywhere you will be accompanied during your acquaintance with the horses by the coaches who are ready to advise or to help you.