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From Harrachov along the River Mumlava to the Krakonos Breakfast

From Harrachov along the River Mumlava to the Krakonos Breakfast
Mumlavský vodopád Srub U lišáka
Krkonošská 8, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 405 744

An easy-to-access asphalt road leads along the River Mumlava, with its so-called giant pots (huge cylinder-like shapes made in the riverbed by stone erosion) and a 12m high waterfall. The road is suitable for seniors and people with walking sticks. It is accessible for baby prams and without major limitations also for mechanical or electric wheelchairs. Any point down the track allows an easy return to the starting point. The track begins in Harrachov at the central car park, next to the bus station, and has a blue marking. The track length, counting both directions, is 11 km, and runs all the way along asphalt roads. The rise is 330 m. It runs along the River Mumlava with its well-known “giant pots” (see above) and ends at the intersection of roads called Krakonosova snidane. A side path, covered in gravel and equipped with transverse drainage channels, where those in wheelchairs will need an assistant, leads directly to the 12 m high Mumlavsky waterfall. Points of interest around the track include the mountain town of Harrachov, views of its renowned ski jumps, the Harrachov glassworks and brewery, the forestry and gamekeeping exhibition of the KRNAP Administration in the Sindelka building, a children’s playground and Liska (‘Fox’) children's track, which isn’t suitable for wheelchairs. Barrier-free refreshment spots and shelters along the track: 1. Mumlavska Chalet A restaurant with stylish interior furnishings offers barrier-free access, although one step has to be overcome at the entrance with an assistant or with the help of the staff. Easy access for seniors and families with children. 2. The Lovecka Mumlava Hotel The hotel can be found at the beginning of the track. It offers barrier-free access, a barrier-free restaurant and summer terrace, and is also suitable for families with children and for seniors. 3. ‘Srub U lisaka’ Restaurant The restaurant is accessible for families and seniors, but for wheelchairs the four steps at the entrance are a barrier. Visitors in wheelchairs can be served on the open-air terrace with wooden tables.