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From Benecko via the Na Rovince Junction to Tridomi

From Benecko via the Na Rovince Junction to Tridomi
Kotel z Benecka
Benecko 190, 51237 Benecko

A very simple and comfortable track which runs through a forest and has almost no rise. The area around Tridomi offers very nice views of the Krkonose Mountains. This track is ideal for seniors and people with walking sticks. It is also accessible for baby prams and presents no problems for those in mechanical and electric wheelchairs. As an alternative track, you can go from the Na Rovince junction to Janova Hora Mountain to see the Hucul horse farm. The track begins at the central car park in Benecko, near the ski resort, and besides the green marking also has unmarked passages. The whole track to Tridomi runs along asphalt surfaces and has almost no rise. The track length, counting both directions, is 9 km, with only a 10 m rise. A small refreshment stall is available at the Na Rovince junction. The track has the following alternative routes: 1) From the junction of the tourist tracks at Na Rovince, you can go 2 km along the yellow-marked path to Janova Mountain, where a herd of 300 Hucul horses graze on extensive pasture land reaching up to 1000 m a.s.l. You can use the pleasant restaurant with children’s corner there. The path from the Na Rovince junction to Janova Mountain has an asphalt surface except for the last 400 m before the Hucul farm, where the path is covered in gravel and has an uneven surface, and is almost impassable for those in wheelchairs. 2) Another alternative, also more demanding for wheelchairs, can be taken down the green-marked tourist track towards Labska, near Spindleruv Mlyn. You can admire views of the Labska dam and Krausovy chalets. The Kubat Hotel The hotel is located in Benecko along the main road. It has a barrier-free restaurant, but those in wheelchairs will need an assistant to conquer one step at the entrance. The building is easy-to-access for seniors and families with children. Rovinka A small refreshment stall can be found at the busy junction of tourist tracks. Only the outside part where meals can be brought is barrier-free.