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Trutnov Trails

Trutnov Trails
Trutnov Trails Trutnov Trails 2 Trutnov Trails 3 Trutnov Trails 4
Lhotecká 6, 54101 Trutnov
Phone: (00420) 777 602 014

A network of one-way mountain bike terrain trails around Trutnov on the Cizkovy kameny and Jestrebi mountains offers 17 km of natural single trails of varying difficulty levels. For this, the undulating landscape of the eastern foothills, full of boulders, rocks and beautiful forests, is an ideal place. The Trutnov Trails offer four trails for skilled riders. The interesting feature of this place is the changing character of the hilly countryside, full of sandstone boulders, rocks, forests, meadows and pastures, making it an ideal place for mountain biking. All four trails start at the so-called Trailcentre - the base camp, located in Lhota u Trutnova at the local pub. Information on the trails is available there with a map. The second access point is the car park below Sedmidomi. For the descent, we recommend the red-marked trail (Modrinovy Trail, ‘The Larch Trail’), but even that is suitable for skilled bikers only. The ascents from Lhota u Trutnova and from the car park near Sedmidomi to the trail access points are demanding and have a steep gradient. Forest paths and trails around Cizkovy kameny rock formation. Demanding stony terrain designed for mountain bikes.