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Yellow Point Snow Scooters

Yellow Point Snow Scooters
Sněžné skútry Herlíkovice sněžné skútry sněžné skútry sněžné skútry
Svatopetrská 125, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: (00420) 731 160 152
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Lovers of engines and high speeds will enjoy a tour with a snow scooter driver around Herlikovice on marked and permitted tracks. We use high-quality high-power Yamaha snow scooters. After a short training, you can try driving the scooter yourself on a designated track. Guided snow scooter trips of various lengths (up to several days) can be organised, staying overnight in a bivouac, at a mountain chalet or in a hotel. Snow scooters can be used in combination with a towed snowtubing tyre, or as motoskijoring, when the skier is towed on a line.